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About Laura's dog walking service

I established my business in 2017 with an aim to provide fun, social, energetic walks for all different types of dogs in the area of Gloucester.


I have a fully air conditioned van with modern, comfortable cushioned crates which I use to collect the lovely dogs that I walk and transport them to an appropriate walking area (as green, open and away from roads as possible). I walk certain groups of dogs together based on their energy levels and personalities to ensure every pooch is happy. I offer gentle calm group walks for the more sensitive or older dogs, and high energy walks for the bouncy group!

I am happy to send 'pupdates' of your pooch on his or her walk along with photos if you want peace of mind that they are safe and having fun.

My own dogs are my fur babies and I treat all my pack as my own whilst they are with me. 

The Team

Laura Ravenscroft


Our Team
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